My Family Tree - Sybil Ann Brooks Vaughn

Timothy Noel Vaughn
Born  -  Living
Easley, South Carolina
Died -  N/A
Tara Marie Vaughn    -  Living
Lisa DeMichele   -  Living
Charles Edward Vaughn    -  Living
Sybil Ann Brooks Vaughn    -  Living
Other Miscellaneous Information:

Born in Greenville, SC and lived first 12+ years in Easley, SC

Attended Easley Christian School and Easley Junior High School

Moved to Illinois with parents and brother in Nov. 1981.

Bolingbrook High School

Has worked in satellite/dish installations and other industries
Updated July 2012
Gary Charles Vaughn    -  Living
Tim's kids & grandson, 2011:
Alex, Richie, Tara, TJ
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Marriage - Hidden:
Tina Wine    -  Living
about age 7
Tim and newborn Tara
Alex, TJ, Tim
Timothy Joseph Vaughn (TJ)    -  Living
Alex Vaughn    -   Living
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